Fire Ceremony

A fire ceremony is a powerful and transformative way to cleanse, pray and share a sacred space with community. Fires are typically held at the new and full moons when the veil between the seen and unseen worlds is the thinnest. This ritual reminds us of the magic of the universe and helps bring us back into right relationship (ayni) with ourselves, our world and one another.



Despacho is a sacred gift you give to the earth or send to the stars through fire. Despachos are beautiful and delightful to create. Infused with prayers and gratiude, each is made with a balanaced honoring of the divine masculine and divine feminine. The offering is composed of herbs, flowers, leaves, chocolates, grains and other natural, compostable/combustable materials. The despacho ceremony is a powerful way to connect intention with energy and give to the forces we regularly source from. A very sweet and effective way to come into Ayni (harmony and balance) .



The merging of two lives in partnership is one of the most beautiful sacred rites on earth. I would be honored to lead your ceremony in a way that is unique to your love and in tune with your heart's truth. 



Sandpainting is a wonderful way to work with our issues on the energetic level and honor whatever we are experiencing. Sandpainintgs engage us at the physical, symbolic, mythic and energetic levels and create a dialogue with pachamama, spirit and the elements.


Blessings & Clearings

Whether you are movng into a new home or office and want to bring intention and sacredness to your space or you feel a presence in your current space that you'd like to clear out, I'd be glad to assist you. If it is a stagnation of the flow of your space, or simply a desire to bring more energy and inspiration to your rooms, help is on the way. My sister, Amanda Hogan Carlise, and I can help get you organized, remove clutter, hang art and bless every square inch of your home, office or land.


Personal Ceremony

Birthdays, transitions in life, initiations, cord cutting ( to release old relationships) and more; I'd be honored to facilitate a sacred passage to the next horizon and help you take the next blessed step on your journey.