Death Rites

The medicine practice of the East is about helping people to die consciously. Death is the ultimate journey back to spirit and it is so important to honor the beauty of that journey. As a person is approaching death, it is a wonderful thing to help them come to a place of peace and find forgiveness if there is any unfinished business. We want to honor anything that may need to be expressed or brought to completion and allow family and friends to the give their loved one permission to go. Clearing and cleansing the chakras helps to wash away toxic energies that have accumulated throughout life so the luminous body is free to fly. Once the person has passed, the chakras are disengaged through the great spiral process and the spirit is released on it's journey home.

Occasionally, a person who is not physically dying, would greatly benefit from a symbolic death rites ceremony in order to be re-birthed into their new life. This is a beautiful rite of passage that can help someone step fully into the life they wish to live.

* Pricing for rite of passage is $120 per hour