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September 21-23, 2018

Rafalo Farm
2996 Brush Creek Road
Manchester, OH 45144


Come! Sisters, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, come to be nourished, held, and inspired by the community and wisdom of this Divine Sisterhood!

Come to rest your body on this land, bathe in its waters, dance and sing with the fire, and listen to the trees. Let us learn from one another, let us listen and share, and through this multi-generational collection of life experience, let us pass on the wisdom and gift it to our children.

Let us move together, diving deep into the layers and wilderness of the soul, let us explore vulnerable territory while being held in light, and let us dive deep into the richness of infinite love, expansion, and brilliance!

Please JOIN these Beautiful Women and so many more!

SARA Rafalo Kaufman ~ Passionately Stewarding Familial Land through Community, Healing, and Adventure
MER Hogan ~ Shamanic Energy work, Ecstatic Movement, Spiritual Embodiment, Song, and Storytelling
CARRIE Kondor ~ Visionary Breathwork infused with Sound and Art ~ Integrative Quantum Medicine
LOGAN Armstrong ~ Assisting Women through Transitions with Ayurveda
SARAH Elam ~ Herbal medicine, Flower essences, and Folklore
EMILY Lewis ~ Women Cycles and Fertility ~ Mental Health
JULIE Conrad ~ Reiki, Accunect, Qi Gong, Intuitive Energy Facilitator
ALLYSON Blythe ~ The Art of Effective Communication, using the principles of Non Violent Communication
MOLLY Murray ~ Childbirth Doula, Multi-generational healing through Pregnancy, Birth, Parenting, and Song
Guest ELDERS ~ Welcoming the Wise Woman Crone
ALLISON Kemphaus ~ Restoring Body, Mind, and Soul through Thai and Ayurvedic Bodywork
ANNIE Truesdell ~ Signs and Synchronicity: Empowering Your Intuitive abilility
NATALIE Weber ~ SUP Paddleboard Yoga (yes we are on Brush Creek River!)

Look forward to dance and play, journeying through breath, movement, and sound, plant wisdom teachings, women's generational share circles, self love through bodywork, sacred fire and messages from the stars, crafting, singing songs from elder to child and child to elder...Please bring Your Spirit!

Throughout the weekend, you will enjoy 6 mostly vegetarian meals!

This is a CAMPING EVENT, if you are seeking information on nearby accommodation, please contact Sara Kaufman

This event is open and encouraged for young woman to join and activities will be organized as we see interest through registration!!

Please send questions, inquiries, dietary needs, and for registration contact:

Weekend Pass - $325
Saturday & Sunday Only - $265
Friday & Saturday Only - $225
Saturday Pass - $165
Friday Night Only - $60

Volunteer opportunities available if needed. If you are experiencing financial strain, please email for a sliding scale.

Thank You! And we are looking forward to sharing together soon!


Things to Bring to this Beautiful Weekend !!

Tenting equipment, pillow, sleeping gear, flashlight, bug spray, sunscreen, bathing suit, boots, sandals, towel, toothbrush, paste.

Lawn chair optional.

Everyone BRING 2 gallons personal water for drinking! (water stations will be there but this will help us)

Bring your own food bowl and utensil.  Please help us not have to throw away mass garbage. There will be rinsing stations after meals for keeping a clean bowl.

Bag to carry your items to the Center Gathering Area.  Items in this bag may be: Journal, pen, water bottle, food bowl and utensil.

Changes of clothing, cool, warm, and rain gear.

No make-up needed, Enjoy the Outdoor Shower in Nature, Yeayyy!

Feel free to bring art supplies.

Please bring instruments.

Costume piece could be a great addition!

Maybe bring a small item that you might love to gift to a new Soul friend !



4pm ~ Arrive any time after 4pm (If you have the opportunity to take Friday off work, it could be really awesome to visit the Serpent Mound during the day and then come our way for the early evening and opening of the Gathering!!)

Check in & set up tent

5:30pm ~ Opening Ceremony, Flower Mandala

6:30pm ~ Dinner

7:30-9pm ~ Restorative asana on the lawn alongside the River and with Fire, ending with Sweet Sound and Lullaby Song

8am ~ Breakfast (will be available and accessible to those who arrive later as well)

9-9:30am ~ Mini Opening Ceremony and Mandala continues

9:30-10:30am ~ Yogasana ~ Movement ~ Breathing

10:45am-12:15pm ~ Choose among these Beautiful Soul Sister Sharing’s:

SARAH Elam ~ Learn about Herbs and Flower Essences to support women in all phases of life.  Develop a deeper relationship with plants by inviting them in and observing their wisdom unfolding inside you! Sit with, make friends with, taste, and share love for this lush garden of life, vibrancy, and medicine.   

EMILY Lewis ~ Talk about the female cycle for everyone, those who are menstruating and those who are not, this conversation must be had for the future generations of women to “Love our Blood!” (Love our Blood is quoted from Medicine Stories podcast #20)   This share will also combine Mental Health in relation to our cycles, menopause, and fertility.

ALLYSON Blythe ~ Learn powerful tools to Communicate Effectively and Compassionately while honoring yours and other’s needs.  As a result, this may also help us to become better listeners. Practicing these skills will inevitably raise the vibration of understanding, respect, and consideration for all of humanity.  Based on principles of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication

12:30pm ~ Lunch and Sweet Beats by DJ Camenita

1-2:30pm ~ PLAY, REST, or take time ALONE!  Dance to the Beats, Paddleboard with Natalie, Paint with Jenny, join Erin and Stephanie with Divine Feminine and be adorned with natural elements to become a living mandala, take a walk and talk with plants, journal, nap, listen to a story from an elder, or visit the Healing Tent to offer or receive love from another.

2:30-3:45pm ~ Choose among these Beautiful Soul Sister Sharing’s:

LOGAN Brookbank ~ So much of our limiting beliefs are programmed within us from an early age. To become the people we desire, in our most loving compassionate selves, we must make a leap of faith! When we are naturally transitioning (from jobs, relationships, hormones, new life experiences) it is the best time to have conscious mind and action to become these heart centered radiant beings! Logan will guide you through a mindfulness meditation and then lead discussion on breaking the paradigms that hold women back. Let’s empower ourselves to flourish into the most vibrant, loving beings we can be.

MOLLY Murray ~ a passionate mother, doula, and childbirth educator shares the power of SHIFTing perspective, finding PURPOSE,  and using the POWER of SONG, GRATITUDE and INTENTION, as a way to grow through difficult times and use the past as a CATALYST for a better FUTURE. Growing up surrounded by death, addiction, and a family history of mental illness, Molly is working on a way to break those chains and find a way OUT for herself and future generations.  She shares how continual connection with women in community can help every woman find her VOICE in any stage of life.  

JUDY & BERNITA ~ Stepping into and Welcoming the Wise Women Crone energy into our lives at every age!  Embrace the aging process and recognize the gems of becoming the elder of the tribe. Learn from those who walk before us, those who have paved the way, stay close and connect to and honor our elders, remember, energize and inspire our need for their wisdom in the tribe again!!

4-4:30pm ANNIE Truesdell ~ Recognize the Signs and Synchronicity around us always, Seeing and Being in Harmony with Life at every moment!

4:30-6:30pm MER Hogan ~ Ecstatic Dance, Journey through Sound and Vocal release, Let go and Feel Spirit Move, Freedom in the Body, Journey into the Deep Soul !

6:30-7pm ~ Quiet Dinner, please (after a day of learning and following Mer’s deep energy work, lets honor some silence and respect others who may need time and quiet to process the experience, please observe this quietness in high regard and honor Sacred space for one another)

8:15pm ~ Fire Ceremony  Enjoy storytelling and Song and much more!  Listen to GLORIA Siry for the current astrology update for what is energetically happening at present (Sept 22 is the Fall Equinox!), listen to Sarah for Plant Folklore, join Meredith Hogan and others in song and spirited offerings, enjoy true, honest, wholesome, embodied entertainment that actually feeds the Soul !

8am ~ Breakfast

8:30-9:30am JULIE Conrad ~ Qi Gong on the lawn ending in mini group healing session

9:30-11am CARRIE Kondor ~ Visionary Shamanic Breathwork infused with the musical alchemy of Sound, Chanting, and Art Expression.  

11am-12:30pm ALLISON Kemphaus ~ Give, Receive, and Nourish!  After the experiences of DEEP work, let us be touched and loved by another Soul Sister. Enjoy being led through very simple, easy to learn, deep bodywork skills through giving and receiving Thai Massage.

12:30pm ~ Lunch

1:30-3pm ~ Closing Ceremony! A special talk, share, and love message from one generation to another

4:00pm ~ Packing up and Bringing our renewed Self into the World!