Permission to Love

A few weeks ago I had an ecstatic experience with a dear friend during a massage. The two of us decided to trade services, shamanic energy work for massage/body work. She began with a song to Ganesha as she held my being in divine love and the mystical door opened. Just a few minutes into our session I told her that I may be using sound to aid in the release of any sticky energy and she was delighted. She gave me permission to honor my process and very soon after, the tears began to flow. I felt my heart break as she worked with me so skillfully and beautifully and allowed me to surrender. My heart broke open to hold the whole embodied world. So many of us do not receive that type of loving touch. We so badly need that kind of sweetness to allow us to surrender and to bring us back home to harmony and innocence. Self acceptance and "Permission to Love".

"Permission to Love" were the words that flowed like honey from my friend's lips. She spoke of people who have a battle with parts of their bodies or feel shy about certain places and that with that strong presence of love and the beauty of the oils, the person ultimately stops fighting/ clenching/ resisting that part of their being. Once the whole body is granted permission to be at ease the inherent wisdom within can flourish and reawaken.  Never before in my life have I wanted to speak during body work. Silence is one of the most restorative forms of medicine for me, but we had opened the door of what the Sufis called "Sohbet" or spiritual transmission through conversation. Having held that kind of space the week prior with her during our energy session, our deep mutual respect for the genius (indwelling gift) within gave way to a tidal wave of love, creativity and oneness. Our Sohbet went on for hours and we simply allowed it to flow. We recognized that this type of surrendered, openness could give way to states of healing that could have a wave effect on all our relationships and assist in unwinding of the collective nervous system of the world. To use my teacher (Alberto Villoldo)'s terminology, We could help to bring the cultural jaguar (realm of mind/emotion) "down from the tree" by activating that level of loving presence within. 

I'm certain that we ourselves or those close to us have felt or delt with anxiety and depression at some point. They are the two most common dis-eases of the modern world. You could say that anxiety is an experience of an excess of mental energy ( the vatta element of wind, change and an overload of information) or neck-up awareness only. It's no fun to locked up in the tower of the mind. I see depression as a call down into the depths and mysteries of the soul and a call to come down to earth and love from the deeper truths of the self. Similar to an archeologist digging deep within the earth to discover hidden treasures nestled into the unconscious. Both afflicted states can be healed through presence practices and a joining of hearts. Modern society is not set up for that kind of interaction, so we must create the space. If we don’t want to simply exist on the surface, we have to disobey the dictator and create new ways to support one another so that we may feel the depth of the soul and the soaring height of spirit. We must be willing to share our hearts, our pain, our joys and our gifts with one another in order to move through these states and to do that, great courage is required. Our culture has has an amazing opportunity to learn this now. To come down from the tree, down from the tower and back home to the garden of presence and truth. 

Munay and Blessings, Beautiful Ones