A Private session is an excellent way to gain wisdom and open up the gateways of personal practice. Whether you are working with an injury or illness, just beginning your yoga/healing journey or wanting to connect with a spouse or loved one. A private session can do so much to build the personal tool kit for transforamtion. From very young people to Elders Yoga's gifts are always here to assist us on this path of life.


When our "stuff" is up, an imprint that we carry in luminous energy field is active. the illuminataion process releases the activation and clears the chakra that the imprint is affecting, restoring the energy body to natual ease and radiance. From this staedy place a client is able to learn from the issue and utitlize the opportunity to heal.

Often when a person experiences trauma a very innocent, tender part of the soul will no longer be available and The traumatized person will make an unconscious and very limiting contract with life in attempt to keep them safe. This process is a journey to reclaim the lost pieces of the soul and begin to live outloud from the soul's wholeness.   


The removal of crystalized energies (those that have solidified in the field due to lack of flow over time) or fluid energies/ entities that are move freely but are foreignto the energy field and can have aprasitic relationship with the host.


Our worlds organize themselves around our beliefs. Limiting beliefs create maps that are simply too small for the soul. A shaman is  a cartographer of the soul. Holding space for our clients to create new navigational charts to live by. Limitless co-creation maps to destiny.


 Helping someone to die consciouslyis an incredible honor.First by helping our friend clean up the rivers of their life, finding forgiveness and healing if there is any unfinished business. The Chakras are then cleansed so that the light body is not heavy/earthbound. Permission is let go is given and reassurance that loved ones left behind will be ok.Once the person has passed the death rites are performed freeing the luminous field for the great journey home.