Mondays 4pm, Thursdays 4pm, Sundays 1pm

Hot Flow at the "sweat lodge"

Sweat, like tears, have always been a form of prayer for me. I love the deep cleanse of the rivers of the body that the heat offers. I love the silent space Modo holds to reflect and go inside. I love the Modo community and the clear space that is held there. The two weekly classes I currently teach  are hot flows. with an emphasis on grace and spirit. I believe healing occurs when we can slow down the over active system and fully breathe into the moment. A slow, strong flow tends to be the groove.

Mondays 9:30am

Body Prayer

More than a vinyasa yoga practice, this class is an energetic experience that is un-appollogetically spiritual. We practice in a circle where all are included and poetry, dance, storytelling, meditation and writing are all on the menu. We hold beautiful space for one another as we explore movement, breath, sound and song. Truth is welcome here. Come as you are. I'm so grateful to the Breathing room for holding space for this offering.